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Hearing God’s Voice  Recently   I   attended   the   seminar   on   HEARING   GOD’S   VOICE   taught   by   Dr. Mark    Verkler.    I    highly    recommend    all    individuals    and    couples    seeking counseling   attend   this   teaching   either   in   person   or   by   audio   and/or   video. A link   to   their   website   can   be   found   in   the   Links   page   of   this   website.   Effective counseling will require you to hear from God during the counseling process. Counseling Program Our    counseling    program    will    require    extensive    interaction    between    the counselor   and   everyone   being   counseled.   Homework   will   be   assigned   for almost   all   sessions.   This   homework   is   required   and   is   not   optional.   Be prepared    to    spend    1    to    2    hours    daily    on    assigned    activities    that    are necessary    for    the    healing    process.    The    type    of    counseling    we    do    will require   a   commitment    to   much   hard   work   on   your   part   to   get   free   from   your issues. Part   of   the   process   we   use   in   our   counseling   is   outlined   in   the   Prayers   that Heal   the   Heart   teaching   material   by   Dr.   Mark   Verkler.   This   material   is available from their website, see the Links section of this website. Health Emotional   healing   often   times   requires   physical   Healing.   We   recommend the following resources to optimize your health: 1.  Healthy and Free by Beni Johnson 2.  Take Charge of your Health by Dr. Mark Verkler Counseling Center Handbook This   handbook   is   available   for   $17.00   -   contact   Restoration   Ministries   by   e- mail   for   ordering   information.   It   contains   outlines   of   the   material   we   use   in our counseling.