About Restoration Ministries
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THE BEGINNING  Restoration    Ministries’    founder,    Paul    Stanton    accepted    Jesus Christ   as   his   personal   savior   on   May   20,   1971.   On   November   20, 1971,   the   Lord   empowered   him   for   the   ministry   through   His   Holy Spirit.   It   quickly   became   evident   through   the   ministry   of   several local   church   leaders   that   Paul   was   called   to   Christian   ministry.   He started   training   for   this   calling   at   Moody   Bible   Institute,   and   later graduated   from   Word   of   Faith   Bible   College.   He   also   received extensive   training   in   counseling   from   a   Christian   psychologist,   Dr. Gordon   Beckstead,   and   from   John   Sandford   at   Elijah   House. Paul has pastured several churches. In   1975   Paul   Stanton   started   recording   seminars   and   duplicating tapes    for    many    Christian    organizations.    He    has    managed    a Christian     recording     studio,     where     he     was     instrumental     in developing    a    firm    financial    foundation    for    the    ministry.   As    an active    Christian    counselor,    Paul    has    authored    a    Counseling Center     Handbook     and     several     counselor     training     courses consisting of over 50 individual modules. COUNSELING TRAINING  Paul has developed a series of courses to train Christians who desire to improve their own relationships and minister to others in the area of Christian counseling. Each course is a 12-week, 36-hour classroom study on personal relationships from a biblical perspective. The student starts by studying the establishing, healing, and rebuilding of relationships. He is then shown how God heals broken or damaged relationships and God’s method for rebuilding relationships and their foundations. The counselor’s role in this process is discussed in detail. OUR VISION After several years, the Lord gave Paul an expanded vision to bring restoration to God’s people. Restoration Ministries was founded in 1985 as a non-profit corporation with an IRS 501 (c)(3) exemption to provide an organizational basis for this ministry. Paul’s vision is best described as follows: “The burden on my heart is to act as a channel for the healing ministry of Jesus Christ which includes both physical and emotional healing.” Today, more than ever before, the Father is bringing a Father’s love relationship to restore Christians to wholeness through his Son. I believe the healing process is not complete until the person has been taught to experience who he or she is in Christ. This type of ministry is best done on a one-to-one basis. Heart-to-heart communication is required which only happens when compassion and transparency occur. This type of relationship should be the norm throughout the body of Christ. It does not come naturally—it must be learned. This is the ministry God has called me to bring to His people. LOOKING AHEAD  Restoration Ministries is available to teach restoration, renewal, healing, and how to personally experience the Father’s love. We can help you develop an effective prayer group or home group fellowship within your church. We are available to serve as management and administrative counselors to assist in starting ministries and in all phases of developing your ministry to its full potential.